GFWaaS - GFW as a Service

Do you know your websites could become awfully slow or don't even load in China? GFWaaS helps you test the performance and identify the underlying bottlenecks.
Photo by jcb2u. Modified under CC BY-ND 2.0.

Why & What does it mean?China's national Internet firewall, a.k.a The Great Firewall (GFW), together with countless political and technological restrictions, often makes websites outside of China awfully slow to load or even inaccessible.
For example, websites built on the following services could be blocked or barely usable in China.

Okay. What to do?Generally, you either figure out a way to host your website in China (a lot of paperwork) or optimize your website for China. Whichever way you choose, you always need to test your website for optimal user experience in China. That's where GFWaaS can help.

Browser VNC

Test your website on a server in China, with a browser-based VNC.
Log on to a Linux desktop (Xfce) running in China from your own browser. Test your website with a Chinese user point of view.

HAR Logs

Examine frontend performance of your website by importing HAR logs directly in your browser.
GFWaaS can load your website in China and generate HAR logs, which can be exported to your browser so you can inspect detailed performance.


Watch how your website loads in a screencast recorded on a server in China.
GFWaaS can also record how your website loads in a browser in China, and turn it into a screencast so you can monitor and share with your team.

Pricing & Availability?GFWaaS is still a prototype and would need further refinement before launch. But we are getting there soon! If you are interested, please leave your email contact and we will keep you updated!


= HAR Logs+ Screencasts+ Browser VNC


= HAR Logs+ Screencasts